Member's Area Closed


We have decided to close the Member’s Area.  The fact that the host has cracked down on nudity has severely impacted the site to where there is no activity at all and the subscription fees have not been enough to cover the hosting costs for a few months now due to people cancelling their subscriptions.

We have a new self-governed site in the works that will allow us to have the freedom to post and interact with each other without the fear of big brother coming down on us. Till then there is always Facebook to easily stay in touch with most everyone and also, we are on MeWe to post the naughty stuff!

We will shut it down after the next billing cycle (about 35 days). This will give anyone who has recently signed up and paid for a month to month subscription to finish of there month. Anyone who has paid for a yearly subscription will get a refreshed new yearly member on the new site once it is ready. We have canceled all recurring payments for subscriptions so there will be no more automatic payments.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated on our progress.

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