Mountain Breeze & Soggy Dollar Campground Info.


Sites reserved:


We will be taking over both Mountain Breeze & Soggy Dollar Campgrounds!


The campgrounds has a mixture of a few different types of camping sites. There is tent camping in the lower area, some just off the water and upper tent camping area is surrounded by trees and all have shared electric access. The upper field area (we lovingly call the JUNGLE) is for self-contained RV camping. The campgrounds also offers RV sites of many types and rental cabins.



Air conditioning units are not recommended for the any of the tent camping areas. The circuits really can't handle that kind of load, they are wired to power lights and fans. If you do run an AC and the breakers begin to trip you will be asked to remove it from the area. You may use a small whisper quiet inverter/generator like a Honda or Predator to run an AC in any of the tent camping areas.



Everyone will need to check in at the main gate (1st entrance) when they arrive.  They will find the name used to purchase your event passes, rv site, or cabin online and give you wristbands. If you have a Cabin they will direct you where you need to go. If you have a RV site you will need to be escorted by a KOS staff member so they can direct you to your proper site.


You DO NOT need to call the campgrounds this might confuse them and you could end up getting wrong information. You can contact us on the contact page or call Bubba at 936-718-6656 if you have any questions or concerns.


If you arrive early in the morning or late at night and no one is at the main gate, please use the provided radio to call a KOS staff member to assist you before setting up your camp or rv site. 


Camping Facilities:


Both Mountain Breeze & Soggy Dollar Campgrounds offers primitive/semi primitive (tent) camping along with RV spots and cabins.  There is a very bath house with showers and restroom facilities on site (hot water, free showers).  Tent sites share electrical access, but self-contained rv sites in the field have neither water or electricity and generators are welcome in that area. ONLY small whisper quiet inverter style generators are welcome in the tent camping areas.




This trip is open to all single females in the lifestyle community, but single males must have a single female date or be accompanied by a sponsored couple for the weekend and will be expected to conduct themselves as a couple or part of the accompanied couple. We expect nothing less then total respect for everyone and unwanted advances will not be tolerated. If a problem does surface the single male along with the date or couple they came with will be removed from the campground and will not be allowed back!



Mountain Breeze is an outfitter and will shuttle us directly to and from the campground. You will need to provide them with information on how many will be floating/rafting for the day, what type of equipment will be needed, and what time you plan to leave from the grounds in advance of the trip so it will go smoothly.

Shuttling and floating:  Were you put in for the float changes day to day because of river conditions, but most the time you will start your float at Mountain Breeze. The Saturday group float starts at 11AM. Tubes are not included for this event, so you will need to rent them at the Mountain Breeze office.


***The float's starting point is not set in stone till the Friday of the trip, there is always the chance of putting in at another area up river and getting out at our campground.

Using your own equipment:


Mountain Breeze will shuttle your own equipment but will require to pay a fee per tube, it's about the same as renting a tube from them (around $20).


*If you are not planning to do the long float, but want to just hang around the campgrounds, you can bring your own equipment. If you bring large platform or multi-person float you MUST anchor and used no closer then 50 feet from the bank of the river. When not in use it MUST be either removed from the river or tied up at a distance that it will not be in the way of the any campground river entrances. You are responsible for any personal equipment left in the river when not in use.



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