Spring Beach Party

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Beach Camping - Party Tent - Great Music
Fun Games  - New/Old Friends - Bon Fire


April 26th-28th

Crystal Beach
(Near The Big Store)
At or near the Barrel #90 area
Hwy 87 to Clara St., then south through the subdivision to the beach entrance and turn left.

Bring Those Sexy Neon Bikinis!
Get Your Glow On!!!
Did Someone Say Body Paint?

Don't want to camp on the beach?
If you would rather not camp on the beach and are interested in sharing a house near the beach party with other couples please use the link below to book a spot in the Beach Party House:

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House #1

Order Before April 1st 2024!
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Location Map Snapshot
Barrel #88-#90

Any vehicles parking or camping on the beach will need a $10 Beach Pass. This includes golf carts, ATV's, and motorcycles.
Passes can be purchased at most stores in the area.

Go to https://www.crystalbeach.com/BeachSticker/parkingCB.htm to get $5 Beach Passes before March 1st!

Some Highlighted Rules To Be Aware Of

All motorized vehicles parked or driven on the beach must have Bolivar Beach Permit sticker. This includes motor homes, golf carts, ATVs, side-by-sides, mules, motorcycles, etc...

Golf Carts – In addition to needing a beach permit they also need a safety triangle and head light if driven at night. They also have to be operated by a licensed driver and can not be driven on the highway.

ATVs & ROVs – They must be trailer to and from the beach and can not be driven on public road ways including neighborhood roads at anytime!

Camping – Your camp site, RV, or any structure/vehicle must be at least 20 feet from the dunes.

Fishing – Anyone fishing must have a valid Texas State Fishing License.


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